ISKO™ collaborated with Coterie, Strom and Avery Dennison to host a panel discussing the effects of fitness on fashion.  Panelists included Kutay Saritosun, ISKO™, senior marketing executive; Rana Sidahmed, global creative director, Avery Dennison RBIS; Vanessa Packer, owner, ModelFIT; and Jac Cameron, co-founder and design director, AYR.

Kutay Saritosun kicked it off laying out the changes that have occurred in the denim market: “Consumer preferences have changed dramatically the last few years where being active is now more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. Hence, athleisure is not a fashion trend, it’s here to stay.”

With that and to no ones surprise denim became a focal point with AYR coming out with their Flex Tech jean powered by ISKO™; jeans that you can work out in! Rana Sidahmed, global creative director, Avery Dennison RBIS weighed in, “We believe the denim of tomorrow rests on success in four key areas: ease of fit; active lifestyle; sustainability; and authentic brands. From an innovation perspective, we are leading the industry in performance embellishments. And now that performance features are part of the denim world, we can apply that knowledge to the future of denim branding.”Packer emphasized the lifestyle impact of fitness, “It’s become such a way of people socializing and meeting up with friends, and it’s become where they spend their money or where they spend their time post-work or pre-work, and they want to look good.”

The panel was moderated by Shanna McKinnon of Denim Hunt and was followed with a cocktail party. The evening was informative and inspiring and pushed us to think outside the box and question consumer lifestyle and how it is affecting us as an industry.


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