BLUEMASTERS BOOK LAUNCH (10th & 15th April 2014)

“Bluemasters – Innovations in Denim”, commissioned by ISKO and Archroma split into two parts, the two hundred large-format pages showcase first highlights a series of interviews profiling the 17 selected Bluemasters and the unique stories behind their contribution to the denim industry. Noteworthy names include Maria Erixon Levin (Nudie Jeans), François Girbaud, Adriano Goldschmied, Scott Morrison (3×1), Renzo Rosso (Diesel), Vivienne Westwood (to name just a few), all of whom are photographed at work in their office, at the work bench, in the laundry or in the laboratory.

The second, more technical part, traces the landmarks in the evolution of denim production, with a special focus on eco-friendly cotton growing and such processes as dyeing, washing and finishing, providing a detailed and insightful look into all the backstage work that goes into a pair of jeans.

The editorial project was celebrated with the book launch at the 3×1 store in Soho, New York City on April 10th,2014 following with Milan Launch at the Palazzo Clerici on April 15th, 2014. “Bluemasters” presents the personal experience of many “masters” of the denim. Both nights were a great success with many US and Italian based premium brands in attendance.

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