Fast Facts

Brand: Hiut Denim Home

Base: Cardigan, Wales UK

Owners: David and Claire Hieatt

Why did you launch Hiut Denim? The reason to launch Hiut Denim Co was to get then town making jeans again. To get 400 people their jobs back.

Where does the brand name come from?  The name stems from two names. ‘Hi’ comes from our surname: Hieatt. And the ‘UT’ comes from the world Utility. We pronounce it like our surname: High-At.

What makes Hiut Denim unique? We are an ideas company that makes jeans. Our uniqueness will come from our ideas, and how well we execute them. Time will tell, but for me, this way of thinking will set us apart from others.

Why is the “Made in Britain” label important and what makes Cardigan so special?  Britain has a choice. To make things. Or not. To keep the skills learnt over generations or to lose them. So we are here fighting for the right to make. It is important that we win. Cardigan is so special because it knows how to make jeans like no other in the UK. Like Hollywood is all about film-making, Cardigan is all about jeans making.

What do you look for when choosing fabric to craft your jeans and why is that choice so important?  We look for quality and innovation. The fit is vital. Of course. But the fit needs great fabric. It is like saying which leg is more important: Is it the left leg? Or the right leg? Both are need to take you forward. Great fit needs great fabric. Great fabric needs great fit. We view ISKO has the apple of denim. It’s good to work with pioneers.  

Can you tell us a little bit about Hiut Denim’s History Tag and how your customer is using it?  To give you an idea of the HistoryTag is to understand this first: Our things tell stories about us. And the internet can tell stories very well. So each pair of jeans we make comes with a unique number called a HistoryTag. We are the only jeans company in the world with a HistoryTag which allows the wearer to tag where they have been, and what they have been doing. One day if those jeans end up in a second hand store, their stories will go with them too.

Does the brand still use “Breakers” and what exactly is their purpose?  The Denim Breakers was an experiment to get 50 people to break in the jeans. Agree to no washing. And HistoryTag them. Then after 6 months we get the jeans back. Then wash them once. And sell them. The ‘Denim Breakers’ then get 20% of the price they fetch. The experiment is on going so it will be interesting to see the results. As far as ideas goes, our job is to put them out there. And let the real world decide if they are relevant or not. We don’t judge our ideas too early.

What can we expect from Hiut Denim that’s new and exciting in 2016? Each year at Open Day (April 1st) we launch all our ideas for the year. The world’s press come. People who work at apple come. Until April 1st, all the ideas for 2016 remain under wraps.

What are Hiut Denim’s New Year resolutions? To Do One Thing Well. It’s enough.

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