Following on from receiving the illustrious Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification, ISKO has been awarded another achievement through EU Ecolabel.

ISKO™ a denim mill dedicated to sustainability, has received the prestigious certification EU Ecolabel thanks to the ISKO EARTH FIT™ a collection that culminates all that is ecologically sound. This is yet another confirmation of ISKO™’s deep commitment to responsibility, one  that earned the company the 2016 Nordic Swan Ecolabel for several products within the ISKO EARTH FIT™ line.

ISKO™ EU Ecolabel products will be launched in May 2017 as part of the new collection.

ISKO™ is now the first and the only denim mill in the world to have received these two distinguished recognitions.

“Being conscientious comes from research, attention, a deep commitment and pointed awareness about what is happening to our planet,” explains Fatih Konukoglu, CEO of ISKO™ Division and board member of SANKO Group. “Here at ISKO™ to produce means to care: care about the people, the environment and product. This firm belief is the soul of our nurturing approach. We believe in the future: that’s why we continue to invest in protecting our planet”, he concludes. Fatih Konukoglu’s comments are further echoed by Anita Winsnes, managing director of Ecolabelling Norway: “It’s great that the world’s biggest denim manufacturer shows such a commitment to sustainability. If we are going to succeed with the necessary green shift in our global economy, it’s important that companies like ISKO™ clear the way. When giants take steps towards more sustainability, the impacts are huge”.

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