Treviso’s Home Festival is the annual music event all Italians are looking for with a line-up that includes bands such as Duran Duran and The Libertines. ISKO™ has been sponsoring the event for the past couple of years and in particular this year, it will showcase its fabrics, Scratch’n Jean™, Earth Fit, and Pop in the form of art totems and a denim wall to be used by all to leave a message. Also on site, The Third Paradise made in Earth Fit fabric, a symbol of sustainability, the encounter between nature and technology. ISKO™ has invited artists to work on the art totems live during the festival, Capecci, Manzoni, Joys, Jeroen de Boer, Loparto, and Soler will be on site to transform denim into an artwork. An indigo blue denim wall has been provided for the crowd to get inspired and create their own art on denim, and illustrator Malossi will be present to take the lead. Denim is once again an ingredient to express oneself.


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