“The world is wearing  denim, and as the leading premium denim mill, we know that our choices can make the difference for the environment, for sustainability and social responsibility.”  Fatih Konukoglu, CEO


Responsible innovation has been a key focus for ISKO™ , a company committed to developing an integrated field-to-fabric approach in every step of the value chain.

Product Innovation

Sustainability is inherent in ISKO™ DNA.

Take for example ISKO Reform™  stretch technology. With outstanding fabric recovery, jeans retain shape wear after wear. This technology means female consumers wash their jeans less, thus saving on water. According to a leading denim brand’s lifecycle analysis of a jean, 23% of the water consumption throughout the life of a jean happens during consumer care. ISKO Reform™  technology eliminates the need to frequently wash the jeans for shape retention reducing water and chemical detergant consumption during home laundry

Next up is  ISKO™’s patented concept ISKO POP™. This glamorous fabric technology combines one-of-a-kind shine with a unique silken softness that begins within  the yarn and stays with the garment. This yarn process means garment makers can do without chemical softeners during production and so reduces chemical consumption.

ISKO™’s, brand new concept, ISKO Cottonized™, is entirely made without the use of any cotton. Considered by many as the future for environmental sustainability, ISKO Cottonized™ employs regenerated cellulosic fibers such as Tencel® and Rayon to produce “cotton-less” denim fabric with an appearance, drape, and wash-down unlike any other denim. The best part: it looks like vintage denim.

Process Innovation

Save water, wear ISKO™. Saving water and energy is part of our daily process:

-A filtration and treatment plant cleans the water used in the manufacturing process, recycling it for other industrial uses.

-New finishing technologies minimize water consumption, saving 280,000 tons in 2016.

-Automation systems installed in the weaving halls saved over 1,4 milllions of kwh of energy annually and reduced carbon emissions emissions by 900 tons per year.

-Heat and steam generated during the production cycle are captured and re-used, minimizing energy consumption. resulting in 86,000 kwh of energy savings annually while reducing carbon emissions by 56 tons/year.


ISKO Earth Fit™ forms an integral part of ISKO™’s responsible innovation platform.
Made with eco-friendly raw materials like organic cotton, Better Cotton, pre-consumer recycled cotton and post-consumer recycled polyester from PET bottles, ISKO Earth Fit™ offers responsibly innovated denim fabrics in ISKO™’s most popular shades.  Available in fabric concepts demanded by global consumers, brands are able to extend their best selling styles using ISKO Earth Fit™.

ISKO™ is the only denim mill in the world that was awarded with the prestigious Nordic SWAN Ecolabel for several articles within ISKO Earth Fit™ collection. Nordic Ecolabel evaluates a product’s total lifecycle from raw material to waste/recycling, taking into account environmental problems in each part of the supply chain.
This achievement came through ISKO™’s fulfillment of strict requirements for sustainable fibers, for chemicals used in every stage of production, and caring for social and environmental impacts.


ISKO™ is about the people.

While we use sustainable materials as well as improve water and energy use, our primary focus is always people. We value our employees, ensuring equal opportunities for all. We also believe that a company only truly fulfills its mission if it improves the life of the communities it works in. We want our success to extend itself into the homes of thousands.

ISKO™ is part of SANKO Tekstil, privately owned by Konukoglu family. SANKO Group is one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates. Through Sani Konukoglu Foundation, SANKO Group awards scholarships to more than 1,500 university students every year, sponsors schools and hospitals, and delivers food aid to more than 50,000 families in need. ISKO™ has proven that it is possible to combine outstanding manufacturing performance with responsibility and sustainability.


Below are some examples of global projects supported by the SANKO foundation.

THE “Off to Work” EntrepreneurshIp Program

The ‘Off To Work’ program allows people to learn how to help themselves.

Through SANKO’s support, young people of Gambia were given training workshops on entrepreneurship, planning, marketing, budgeting, sales techniques and brand creation. 60 young Gambians were given 3 day-workshops in towns of Gumjur, Sanyang, Madina, Kartong, Kunkujang, Berending, Tujereng ve Tanje where they learnt how to prepare a business plan for their business projects.

“PlantIng Hope” AgrIcultural Program

The ‘Planting Hope’ program gives back to the earth and empowers the people who farm it.

Through non-government organization Sen de Gel, SANKO initiated “Planting Hope” project, focusing on women in small farming communities in Gambia. Throughout the project, workshops are conducted to teach female farmers how to establish seed banks that can be used by multiple towns, solar-powered irrigation systems, building fences to keep out the animals from the farmland, and sustainable agricultural techniques. 207 women participated in the project which indirectly benefited a larger community of 1500 people, receiving the following support and services:

  • “Introduction to sustainable agriculture” workshops
  • Agricultural lands in the towns were cleaned up resulting in doubling of the farm land, and were fenced around
  • The farm lands were prepared and primed for planting
  • Seeds were distributed


In addition to the above, SANKO is also supporting the construction of solar-powered irrigation systems for female farmers, toilets and establishing a seed bank.

“GIvIng LIfe” DrInkIng Water Program

More than 50% of the population cannot access drinking water in Gambia and Senegal which results in infant mortality and widespread sicknesses. NGOs and the local governments have built wells in villages that cannot access clean water, however the pumping systems of many of these wells need to be repaired. Locals cannot afford to pay for this maintanence.

As part of the “Giving Life” project supported by SANKO, the following will be accomplished:

  • Pumping systems of 11 wells that serve 7978 people in 9 towns (Mbankam, Kerr Malık Sarr, Samba Yassın, Fafading, Sarreh Yerro Kumba, Mbulum, Kerr Galo, Mendy Kunda, Kerr Begi) were repaired. These wells have been re-opened for the villagers once pumping systems were repaired and water has been disinfected with chlorine and tested for biological, chemical and physical quality. Landscaping was done and watering holes for animals were also built.
  • In addition to the above, in the village of Sam Bouye which sits in the Main River region, a new well that will serve 300 people is planned to be built.


Our commitment to high quality standards and environmental friendly approach are endorsed by internationally recognized accreditations.

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